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One of my favorite things about the holiday season is that the boob tube is crammed to overloading with great holiday programming.  Thus, every month this year - on or about the 25th - from March through November, I will be posting a review of at least one notable holiday film or television program.

Why March 25?  A fair question, and one I am happy to answer right at the beginning of the first installment of this year's reviews:

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Santa Claus - The Movie

Posted March 25, 2003

A Christmas Carol - 4 reviews

Posted April 25, 2003

The Best of Rankin/Bass

Posted May 25, 2003

A Christmas Story, plus 
Star In The Night

Posted June 25, 2003

Miracle on 34th Street

Posted July 25, 2003

Classic Christmas Cartoons

Posted August 25, 2003

Classic Christmas Cartoons, 
Part 2

Posted September 25, 2003


Posted October 25, 2003

A Super-Hero

Posted November 25, 2003

It's A Wonderful Life

Posted December 21, 2003


Posted January 25, 2004

The Best of the Rest

Posted February 25, 2004

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