Jack's cartoon
In the heyday of Warner Brothers animation, it wasn't uncommon to see parodies of popular characters and personalities show up in the cartoon. Occasionally, the featured celebs themselves would lend their voices for the cause (though it wasn't unusual for that work to be thrown out in favor of Mel Blanc's artistry).

Nonetheless, I've not seen a project that worked so well - or with such cooperation - as this nod to Jack's crew.

Paricipating were: Jack himself,






and trying to pitch in with a commercial announcement, Don Wilson.


Oh, I almost forgot - even the Maxwell showed up,

The Maxwell

in addition to a look at the impressive security of Jack's cheese vault.

The vault

The story itself was a simple one, dealing with Mary's birthday and Jack's promise to take her out to celebrate. Of course, Jack's character - as either man or mouse - wasn't exactly known for a big time. On his dime, anyway.

As often happens with animated mice, looking for shortcuts can lead to trouble of the feline kind. Especially at the Kit Kat Klub (where celebrities enter free)...

Kit Kat Klub

The imminent danger roused Jack, who was relieved to find this all a dream...

Jack live

Or was it???

Out of the cat's mouth...



This page debuted October 19, 1997

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