A Few Notes on Trading...

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of receiving e-mail from many of the kind visitors to this site.

Unfortunately, I've disappointed many of those who have written to me.

Why?  Much of this mail included requests for tape trades of
"The Adventures of Superboy".

Not an unreasonable request on the surface.  After all, the idea that I might have a complete collection of tapes myself, or at least know someone who might be able to swap episodes seems a likely idea, given the nature of this page.

Unfortunately, I don't have all the episodes.  Nor do I have the time to accommodate tape requests for the episodes I do have.

So, I have been forced to disappoint all who have asked for tapes.  And given my schedule recently, there is virtually no chance that I'll have any free time available any time soon.

Now, I know that there are people out there selling tapes.  In fact, I've rewritten this very page because of all the e-mail I've received lately telling me of tapes available on a certain person of note's webpage.  Let me restate my policy a bit more clearly, since obviously the old wording left a bit open to interpretation:

I do not and will not endorse, recommend, link to or otherwise advertise a commercial site or service unless I've actually laid out my very own hard-earned cash and experienced first-hand what that person/business/entity offers.  And given my current fiscal situation, I'm not likely to be purchasing any tapes from anywhere in the near future, unless Regis Philbin and Company call me to New York with 15 very easy questions for me to breeze through.

Doesn't mean I won't provide a link to say, an opening page of someone's site, which inside has a commercial section.  The information therein may be such that I think is of interest to my visitors.  But this isn't an endorsement of any commercial venture therein.

Thanks to all that have written me previously, but please know, I'm NOT looking to endorse anyone's business venture, and even if information is provided, I'm NOT going to endorse anyone's business venture, whether it be focused on Superboy, Jack Benny, or anyone or anything else featured throughout my pages.

Now, if you've read this, but you still think there's a chance in hell that I'm going to help you, click here...but I really recommend you stop now...