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  George's 90th Birthday!!!

***POSTED January 1, 2004***

Santa Vartox...Merry VartoXmas!!!

***UPDATED February 26, 2004***

Greetings From Santa It's not too early to begin planning; have Santa start things off here!!!

***CHECK BACK later this year for availability***

Lana Lang Everyone knows the history of Superman and Lois Lane. Here's a look at Lana Lang.

***UPDATED October 19, 2001***

Superboy I must confess, I don't pay as much attention to my counters as I should.  Judging from my e-mail, one of my most popular pages (created on February 9, 1997) must be this look at Superboy on screen.

***UPDATED October 19, 2001***

Costumes February 16, 1997's upload was inspired while I was working on the Superboy page, the costume figures prominently.

***UPDATED October 19, 2001***

Costumes Creeping up on the Superboy page in e-mail popularity, my Jack Benny page highlights the man with possibly the greatest comedic timing of all time.

***UPDATED August 8, 1999***

Batman & Robin To be true, the latest big-budget Bat-travesty was pretty uninspiring. Nonetheless on June 22, 1997, I put up a review of past and present portrayals of Batman and Robin.

***UPDATED August 8, 1999***

Costumes My Jack Benny page highlights the man with possibly the greatest comedic timing of all time.

***UPDATED March 25, 2003***

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A Few Links For Your Consideration

It's kind of fitting that January 5, 1997 was the day I picked to assemble my initial page. That day being the anniversary of George Reeves' birth.

I had forgotten that fact, but thanks to the magic of e-mail, my friend Jim Nolt reminded me of the occasion as I prepared that first page. Jim publishes a remarkable fanzine devoted to the history of George's life, as well as the lives and times of his "Superman" co-stars. Here's the web version, well worth your time: The Adventures Continue.

Keep checking back, more links are sure to be added as time passes.