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Thanks for dropping by my new website. If I need to introduce myself, then you obviously aren't paying attention to the big ass logo that bears my name...

I used to have a web presence on AOL under the screen name "VARTOX", which drew a bit of interest back in the day. I've reposted that old Vartox site here, presented as out-of-date as it was before AOL pulled the plug on Halloween 2008.

Right now, I'm pretty much just revising the old site so that the new links work. Planning on adding new content to this site later, but here's a few tidbits for today...

Currently, I live in West Columbia, SC, working in freight forwarding. I'm originally from Cass City, MI, a small town in the middle of the Thumb of that state. So small that most people in Michigan don't know where it is, either... It may be small, but back in 1982, a movie called "Going Back" was shot there. Small movie, only resurfaced on DVD recently, but notable as being the second movie starring Bruce Campbell. Check it out here:

Since February 1, 2008, I've lost between 100-140 lbs and managed to (so far) reverse the signs of diabetes as I was diagnosed in mid-January 2008. Here's a few thousand words on how I did it.

I'm not really big on pics of myself, except for the occasional caricature:

Occasionally, I like to play a little poker. The pic below is from a tourney hosted November 2008 by the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. You should check them out if you're in the area and want to see some great theater. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to defend my championship in February 2009, but they had a pretty good turnout for the event. Haven't been able to participate since, but if you're in Orlando and have the chance to play there, do so. Nice setting, a fantastic company stages these tourneys, really not going to have a more enjoyable night of poker anywhere. Just bring money for an extra buy-in to account for the donkey plays...

That's all I have time for tonight. Please stop by again soon.

All are welcome to send comments.

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